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I have a pretty complicated situation: I'm from Italy, and I've done my PhD here in the US. I've just got a job as a professor here in the US, and I've received my new H1B documents a couple of weeks ago, so I need only the stamp. My boyfriend, also from Italy, and I are getting married at the beginning of August here in the US. He's currently here in the US with me with a Visa waiver, so he will need to apply for an H4 as soon as we have our marriege certificate.

I was thinking of going back to Italy at the end of August with him, and apply for an interview for my own H1b visa stamp, and his own H4. But I need to be back by September 10, when the semester starts. 

1) Do you think we will have enough time to do that? Do you think I will be able to have my stamp and his visa ready in 1 week?

2) Could it be possible to do to another country to do the process, maybe Canada, even though we are both Italians?


Thank you so much for you help!

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