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what is PIMS mean & do we have to do it?

What is PIMS?

PIMS (Petition Information Management Service) is a database management system which manages information about all the petitions filed with the USCIS. The Department Of Labor PIMS System comes into picture for those applying for one  of the following:

    Change of status

    Extension of stay, or

    Petition amendment in the United States.

Purpose of PIMS

According to the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), PIMS is a method for consular officers to rapidly confirm that individuals requesting an H, L, O, P, Q, or R nonimmigrant visa were, in fact, the beneficiary of a corresponding petition approved by USCIS.  PIMS allows consular officers to access and confirm USCIS petition approval data and supporting documents online. This would allow the visa officers to confirm and verify the petition approval by the USCIS and approve visa to the candidate.


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All you have to do is wait for one more day to get your passport after the interview.

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Thanks for the Info


How would we know, If PIMS is update in database system.


Is there any way we can request to update the PIMS database with our petition details ahead of the interview to save the additional one-day??



Their is no way. It's not your job to update PIMS.

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