Traveling abroad on F1 with Wife's I-485 in review

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My wife got her labour approved a few months ago under EB-1a category. We then filed AOS, EAD, and AP applications for both of us a month ago. However, my application came back telling me that I was ineligible whereas my wife's applications were accepted and in review and shes been called for biometric testing 2 weeks from now.

Our lawyers corrected some small errors on my application and are ready to file BUT a family emergency has come up and I need to travel to India. I am on F1 (wife on H1B) and I know that with an AOS in review I should not be traveling. However now that its been sent back is there any risk in traveling abroad even though my name is on my wife's application as a spouse? Will me traveling now jeopardize mine or my wifes application in any way?

Thank you.

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