H1B stamping experience at Matamoros - Positive


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My H1B visa interview experience at Matamoros, Mexico.

I'm on EVC model, NO masters. Finished 5 years on H1. This is my second stamping(first in India) and I have a approved I-140.

I used MAS services. They are good. Mark, his dad and Chimo in Matamoros were really helpful.

Fingerprinting done on first day. Completed in 15 minutes.
Visa interview on next day:

1. Interview was at 10:00 but we went early and got in by 8:30
2. First CSC guys check your docs and let you into Interview hall.
3. At MataMoros, most likely, you will be called for initial interview where you will be asked for basic questions like your name, company name. They will check your I-797 and PIMS and then ask you to wait for your actual interview.
4. Actual interview will be conducted by other staff(At Matamoros, we saw 3 guys doing this)
5. Called by Visa Officer. This is how it went with the VO. They were 2 VO's on the other side(1 sitting and 1 standing)

a. Current Company name.
b. When did I first come to US and the company through which I came(which is same as current)
c. Highest Education
d. Do I work at client.(Told my client name but they did not ask for my client letter)
e. What do I do there.(Told my title as per LCA and few words on my duties)
f. Asked for all my W2's from the beginning(which is 2008).

They checked all my W2's and checked if my pay is greater than the minimum.

f. Asked for copy of approved I-140.

Then came the golden words. Received passport on the same day at 3:30 and back to US by evening.

P.S: If you are going to MExico, please make sure that ALL your W2's salary is equal or greater than LCA.
If you have approved I-140 or LAbor cleared, please take a copy.


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Congrats Kranthikumar for getting your visa.


For Mexico my salary in W-2 should be greater than the minimum correct.


Do I need to worry if last 4 yrs W-2 are fine but the 2008 W-2 is slightly lower ?


FYI--   The current employer's one is Ok. That was my past employer.

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