PERM Processing Timelines - Give up ?


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Hi All,


I have been seeing tremendous delay in PERM approvals.


The DOL site was updated as Jan 11,2013 around 1st week of June.


As of today i see no movement to even Feb.Still some Jan cases are pending.


I unfortunately missed the 365 - day train and have a PD of July 2013 with only 6 more months left in visa.


Any hope for the processing to pick up pace ?









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  • 3 weeks later...

I missed my 365 day train as well. PERM filed March 2013, with a 6 year max of November 2013 (after recapture). I am going out of the US for 2-3 months and hope to come back after PERM gets approved. Atleast that would give me more time to recapture and hopefully bridge the gap between max date and 1 year pending date. Cant beleive how slow things are going for PERM processing.

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