New H1b filing advanced degree eligibility


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I had a quick question with reference to be eligible for new H1b filing with advanced degress ( M.S.Comp Science)

I completed my M.S CXomp science from SUNY Albany Aug 2004, worked in USA for last 8 yrs, on H1b visa and PERM/I-140 approved. I moved back to India in Feb 2012. Its been 1 yr ,  I have been out of USA. So, as per the rule, I am eligible for fresh 6 yrs of H1b . My question is , if my company in India applies for my new H1b for next filing year, say April 2014 would I be eligible for the H1b advanced degree category 20,000 quota ? for my case, where I graduated in Aug 2004 and used earlier H1b for 8 yrs and moved back to India ( out of USA for 1 yr).



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