First (Given) Name on I797A differs slightly with passport


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I have a question regarding the First(Given) Name on my I-797.


Here's how my name is spelled on the passport: 

First(Given) Name: XXXXX YYYYY 

Family Name: ZZZZZ


However on my I797A, the Beneficiary Name is ZZZZZ,  XXXXX Y.

On the departure recordFirst(Given) Name: XXXXX and Family Name: ZZZZZ 


My H-1B petition was correctly submitted showing my full name exactly as it appears on the passport. 


1. I wanted to know if this is going to affect me when I go for stamping. 

2. When the visa is granted, will then name on the visa is going to be according to the passport or will it be according to the i797A.

If its later, then there is going to be a difference in the name on the passport and on the visa. 

3. Could this be because I have a long name and it didn't fit into the space available.


The number of characters in my name:

XXXXX:  10





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