***availablity of visa appointment dates for VISA interview at Ottawa/Toronto***


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I am planning to go for VISA stamping in Ottawa/Toronto.


Can someone give a rough idea of how soon the dates (15 days/1 month/2 month etc)  are usually available for visa appointment, from the day one fills DS-160 and pays fees?


In other words, if one completes DS-160 and pays fees, how soon can one expect to get the date for interview?

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Usually Ottawa has immediate openings or in 1 week. 


Today's status (7/18/2013 - 10 am )

Toronto  : Next Available Appointment is in 76 day(s)

Ottawa    : Next Available Appointment is in 1 day(s)

Montreal : No Appointment 


most people says


Ottawa 2-4 weeks 

Toronto 4-6 weeks
Montreal 6-8 weeks
Vancouver 6-8 weeks
Calgary 4-6 weeks
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