Updated I94 date not reflecting in DMV


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I recently had my H1B extension approved. My original I94 issued at the time of my entering US was 7/30/2013. Now i have the updated I94 sent to me by the USCIS with the date 2/28/2015. 

However, i went over to the DMV to renew my licence and they tell me it still shows up as 7/30/2013.

I took an INFOPASS appointment with the USCIS Field Office and they tell me that their records are up to date. 


Can some one please help me understand where it is going wrong. My & my wife's  DL expires on 7/30/2013 and i will be in a fix if i cannot get this sorted by then.



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This is a common situation if you have received a new I-94 after you have entered into US. did DMV local office ask you to wait for a letter of verification from DMV office? If yes, then you will receive a letter after a week and you can take that letter to local DMV and continue with your process. 


I was sent back and received a letter after a week and took that letter and as told, I got my  new license.

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