H1b Stamping in Canada for Canadian PR Card holder


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Hello Guys ,


I am a Permanent Resident of Canada ,was working on H1b until Oct 30 2012 . My Employer filed by Perm late on July 16 2012 . I had to leave US few days before the completion of my 6th year on H1b in order to recapture H1b in Future . Unfortunately my Perm Labor still in process after 1 year . My attorney said now ,I am eligible for 1 year ext as my Perm Labor still pending .


My Question is, can I get my visa stamping in Canada ,since I am a Permanent Resident Card Holder and Currently in canada . I do not have any Higher education from US and this will be my First Visa stamping as I never left US all this along .


I will appreciate any Feedback in this regards from Adv Members .




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