Doubts on H1B (transferred) stamping - Pls help


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I moved to new company and my H1B got transferred and the new H1B is valid till 2016. Since my depenadants were on vacation, therir H4 transfer/extension didnt happen.

My old H1B with the previous employeer is valid till Nov 2014.

I'm planning for  vacation on the August 2013 and the dependents will return to US along with me. Can you please answer my below questions?


1). Do I need to go for stamping for the new H1? (My old H1 with previous employer is valid till Nov 2014).

2). If I'm not going for stamping, which petition I need to show in US port of entry while coming back. Also my dependents don't have the new H4.

3). Once dependents are back to US, do they need to go for H4 extension again?


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