DS160 mistake


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I filled out DS160 correctly at the first time and book the interview date as well.

but then I had to file my H1B ammendment and noW I have a differenct EAC #  for H1B. It is still in process but I apply under premium so I will get to know further in few days but meanwhile I have some questions.


Question -


Do I have to Update my DS160? if yes how can I do that - Just fill out the DS 160 Again?

Am I able to update the new DS 160 details in Interview date profile as well? how can I do that?


Do I have to update US Consulate as well or they will get to know when I update my DS160 in to the visa interview profile?


I hope I do not have to take the interview date again.


Please advise.


Thank you........... :)

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