Shoplifting - Impact on H1 Stamping


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I have a arrest record with original charges of shoplifting. I got arrested and agreed that i made mistake knowingly , so judge asked me pay $336 as fine. I did paid that amount and got the paper as well which says that case got closed, then i came back to India. It was happened in the year of 2011 when I was in US with Business Visa(B1), even though I had H1 I never came to US with H1 and it got expired in year of 2010.  Now my company is planning to do my H1 and now i am worried and have few questions. Hope you can help me.
1. Can i apply for H1?
2. Even if i apply for H1 does my case cause any issue for my stamping?
3. What does it mean by case dismissed, does it cause any other issues?

Thanks  for all your suggestions. I still feel sorry about what i have done.

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