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I have completed my BCA in India which is 3 years degree. I have total work experience of 10 years of which 8 years in India and 2.5 years in US. Presently working as a Manager for a reputed MNC company. Please let me know if I am eligible for GC filing or not on any of the categories.

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Hi All,


Greetings to all!!!


I am currently in USA on H1B visa since past 1 year, my wife and kid too are with me and are on H4. At offshore I had been playing the role of a Manager with 3 projects and had 10 people reporting to me and had done their appraisal too for 2 years. My company is fine to file my Green Card but I wanted to ensure that it is filed under EB1 as I qualify for it, they are fine with it too and confirmed I qualify for it. I do not wish to wait till the last minute in arranging the documents, instead I want to be prepared with all my documents in place well in advance so that I can save time and effort.


Please help me with the following questions related to it:


1) Kindly advise me with the list of documents needed for myself, my wife and kid to file GC under EB1 category. 

2) kindly confirm if I still need to have people reporting directly to me in the system currently, while filing and during the whole process or is it ok if there are none reporting to me directly or indirectly as a team wherein I am lead/manager for the team but team reports to a Senior Manager in the system?

3) If I need to have people reporting to me in the system then is it fine if they are in offshore (India) or they need to be here in USA? If so how many people minimum need to report to me? Kindly advise.


Thanks a ton in advance.


Warm Regards!

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