online status changes to refused and back to admin processing


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Hello Everybody,

                           I am in a very very strange situation. Hopefully someone will be able to help me out. I had my interview on May 22,2013. Due to some issues I was called for a re-interview on June 26,2013. The interview went well I think. But they kept only my I797 approval and returned my passport and the officer told me that we will contact you soon and we have couple of things to be cleared. I was checking the online status everyday.It showed admin processing right from day 1 that is May 23. On July 10,2013 it got updated to "refused" and I was very upset. But again on July 15,2013 it reverted back to Admin Processing. I am not really sure whats going on. I really need help and need to know if it has been actually refused or still under review and processing. Anyone has had similar experience or can someone help me with this.

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