H1 approved but issue with I-94


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I am on F1 status and my H1 is approved on 07/12/2013, today my employer  got letter from USCIS saying that "  On April 8,2013, you filed a petition for Non immigrant Worker(Form I-129) on behalf of the alien listed above. You have been informed of the approval of the classification  portion of the petition. The portion of the petition requesting a change of status for the alien is now being denied"


Can anyone please help me on this issue?


​Do i need to go to stamping immediately to avoid out-of-status issues or can i continue to stay here go to stamping after some time ?    

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When does your F1 status expire? What does your employer have to say about the matter?


i came to lately but USCIS terminated my F1 status when they approved my H1, my employer saying to go to somewhere outside US to get stamped and return back to US.


i have a question: Yesterday i came to know that when my university DSO updated my SEVIS information on USCIS website she wrongly mentioned the program start date as 09/23/2012 instead of 06/24/2012 (which causes confutation for USCIS to determine my stay in US)  


Do DSO has authority/ option to change the program date?

Or can my DSO requests USCIS to change the start date ?


Please advise!

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When does your F1 status/OPT end?

originally my F1 status should be valid until September 2014, but when USCIS approved my H1 on 07/12/2013, they terminated my F1 status on same day.


In I-797B form they mentioned H1 valid date as 07/12/2013 (from date) .

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How is it that the H1 starts before October,1.?


That is one of my questions i need to know why USCIS gave start date as 07/12/2013. I am thinking it might be because they are not able to determine my current status so they terminate my F1 status and gave H1 start date as 07/12/2013 instead of  10/01/2013

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