Parents and Grandmother's Visitor Visa Stamping Questions


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Hello Friends, 


I want to get my father's, mother's and my grandmother's visitor visa stamped from Mumbai. Please suggest or guide me if I should send all 3 of them together for VO interview or should I schedule their individual interviews with a gap period of couple of days (for e.g.)? Would that benefit anyway? 


Does that affect if a family goes together for VO interview or each person goes individually? 


Please advise. 


Thanks !! 

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Thanks omshiv. 


Also, how many DS-160's do I have to fill if I have to send them together in the same slot for an interview appointment? Do I need to fill up their individual DS-160 or just one? If one, where in the form can I specify each and everyone's detail ? Where can I specify that they will not travel together ? 


Please advise to the earliest. 


Thank you very much. 

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Thanks jairichi. Appreciate it!


Is there a place where I can find the list of documents that my father needs to prepare if he is self-sponsoring the family's trip to US? What does he needs to show? Does he need to show the property docs, tax docs, PPF, etc.  or what ? 

Please let me know. 

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The consulate officer generally don't ask for any documents during the interview. But sometimes, they do. And, at that time, you should have those documents.

So, Carry as much as possible to show cash, property, investments, service letters etc. Most probably, they won't ask anything. Consulate can judge a lot by the confidence in the answers. Carrying all the proofs give you the confidence, they are looking for. Best of luck.

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