EB2 with priority date Nov 2011

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I need some serious advice. My current company filed my GC in EB2 in Nov 2011 and my I-140 is approved. I am on my 7th year of H1.

Now recently due to various reasons - mainly salary and role - I am not very happy with my current company and would like to switch and I am sure i would get good offers outside.

My dilemma is whether I should risk my GC and switch the company or is it advisable for me to continue in the current company and suffer for the GC. Please keep in mind my priority date as well which is Nov 2011.





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I think you can very well try for a new employer, you should have ample time before PD becomes current. Your new job title and description does not have to be the same as your current one. With approved I 140, you should get 3 year H1B extension most likely (depends on many factors). If your new employer does your GC, you should be able to keep your priority date of Nov 2011, even if your employer revokes I 140. So, I don't see major risks if you can find an employer who will do your GC. The only risk I can think of is if your PERM or I140 in new place gets denied. But if you have 3 years on your H1B and started GC process early enough, you would still have time to start another PERM or change employer again and start all over. I think there's more advantages than disadvantages in your case, especially if you are not happy now. Again, everything depends on various things and your luck, and this is my personal opinion, not a legal advice. 

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8 hours ago, care_candidate said:

First you need to have good estimate of when your PD is going to become current. What EB category and country you have in your application?

Suppose your PD is going to take more than 2-3 years, you can easily change job without risking PD to become current.

This is a 5-year old topic/thread. 

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