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I'm elgible for dropbox at hyderabad. metions supporting documentation for H1 B visa but it doesn't mention clearly what documents are requried. Could anyone please help in letting me know what documents are required for H1 B visa.

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i went to Kochi team stanley office for H1B renewal last week. The only docs they wanted are:


1. copies of current and previous I797A

2. dropbox confirmation letter.

3. ds 160 confirmation letter

4. passport original

5. 2 photos.



The surprise part was them needing a copy of the notice of I797A on the basis of which you have a stamped visa on your passport. I did not see this document in any doc checklist or forum posts before .


they did not accept accept any other doc such as I129 or paystubs or W2 or 1040 or resume or attorneys packet, despite repeatedly asking them.


it seems chennai consulate received the case on aug 2 and is currently under admin processing. hoping it gets approved without delays or without needing additional docs. Fingers crossed.



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