H4 to H1 Effective date - Need help


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Hi - My employer recently applied for H4 to H1 change of status for me and it got approved with an effective date of July 1st on i797a form.  Pls helpe me with the following.


1) Does that mean that i can start working before Oct 1st?

2) Will the date on i129 has any effect on my joining date and the eligibility for working.

3) Does that mean that I definetely need to go for stamping if i travel to india now?

4) Will there be any impacts if my employer decides to have the start date as Oct 1st for my employment?


Any concrete help in this will be helpful. Thank you.


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I'm on H4 and i have applied for H1B as a change of status. Waiting for Appoval. and my Current visa is Valid till dec 2013

1) My visa got picked in lottery and i have travelled to India? Can i travel back to US without getting approval.

2) Also my husband has switched Company from A to B. and my H4 visa is valid till Dec 2013. Do i need to apply for H4 pettion from Company B. Can i travel back to US without H4 approval as my visa is valid for till dec 2013

3) My Husband current employer says that no need to Apply H4 petittion as my current visa didnt expried is This statment is true.

Thank you in adavance

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