H1B Amendment - Rejection


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Why are you worried about this?  If your employer's attorney has filed for a valid reason, you are unnecessarily concerned.  If the amendment is rejected, you should plan to return home. If you think there is an irregularity, you should find a legitimate employer.

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Yes you need to file Amendment if ur planning for stamp.


My situation is same here.


I got H1B Approved for location A . Filed H1B on 1st April 2013. H1B start date is 1st Oct 2013

When I had applied H1B, within couple of days, I got the new job with same employer with different location

and started working on 4th April 2013 in location B.


I need to go stamping in October month.

I need to know whether to file Amendment before oct 2013 I mean in the month of Jul or Aug ????


There is doubt like, if Immigration ask why ur filing amendment as since your H1B not yet started ??? 

So what should i say???  


Or to file Amendment in the Oct month ???



Which scenario is best to get H1B Amendment Approval????

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