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i was working for company A in USA and I have a stamped H1B visa on my passport for this company which is valid till end of 2014. i changed jobs and now am working for company B and i have an H1B approval notice for the new company. i wanted to know/confirm the following - 

1) i understand company A can cancel my H1B petition but can they, in any way, cancel my stamped H1B visa?

2) i plan to travel to india so will a valid, stamped H1B visa from company A and H1B approval notice from company B be enough for me to enter back into US? will there be any issues at the port of entry? will i need to get a new H1B visa stamp for company B?

3) if company A does cancel my H1B petition, can i still use the stamped H1B visa and new H1B visa approval notice to travel back to US? Does the cancellation of the H1B visa petition by company A effect my stamped visa in any way or will it still be valid for travel?


4) i understand that a stamped visa can only be cancelled by a proper authority. so if company A cancels my H1B petition, then can the proper authority cancel my stamped H1B visa before i travel? can such a visa cancellation happen or are stamped visas only cancelled if they expire or in case of fraud? 


please do let me know ... 

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hi, thanks for your reply ...


my concern is that i want to travel to india in dec but if i cant travel using the older visa + new job's visa approval notice, then that means i need to take date in the consulate for visa stamping, which might not be available in dec. and i cant delay my travel plans.


so i can only use my older visa if it has not been cancelled/revoked by my older employer. 


i understand that the previous employer can "revoke" my H1B petition (if i leave my job), but just to clarify, this does not, in any way, effect my stamped visa and i can still use it for travel (as long as its not expired). is my understanding correct?


do let me know ...



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what i mean is that if my employer does revoke my H1B petition, once i've started working for a new company, will the previous stamped H1B get cancelled or can i still travel on it? 


is there a possibility that once my previous employer revokes my H1B petition, the old stamped visa gets terminated even before i can travel back? 


and in case USCIS does plan to cancel my old stamped visa, will i be notified in advance?


do let me know ...

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