Vancouver July 11th H1b Visa approved.


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Its Payback time,


I had my H1b interview in Vancouver today (July 11th). And the interview was straight forward.


The Q's asked by VO are:

1) How long have you been with employer

2) Is this your first h1b

3) Who is your end client.

4)Did you have a masters


And the only documents he asked for is LCA, 797 and Passport.

The counter is 3 (Male VO).


BTW I met 6 guys and every one got their visa approved.


Contact me, Incase if you have any questions...


-- Sam.


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Hi Sam,


Congratulations .


Can you please share more information ? Did you go for H1B stamping for the first time or Did you already have stamp for the first time and went for stamping in case of H1B extension ? When did you come to USA and since how long are you working on H1B ?




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