changing company in 6th year h1b with approved i140


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i am working for a company in MI. i have a approved i140(approved in march 2013).  i am going to get married next month and the girl whom i am marrying is working in TX. 


how safe is it to change company in 6th of h1b with approved i140? 

when i do a h1b transfer will i get 3 years extension based on approved i140 from my first company or will i get just 1year which is left?


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You are entitled to 1 plus 2 making it 3 years extension maximum all other things being equal.

will i get 3 years extension with the new company?

the problem is 99% of the companies start GC processing only after 1-1.5 years.  and i have jusy 1 year left in my 6years h1b quota

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