Delay in OPT EAD, anybody else in same boat?


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I applied for my OPT card in Vermont center more than a month back (June 9th), on june 19th, i received the application receipt and noticed that my name was spelled wrong, so i called up USCIS and informed them about the error.


Now its been more than a month that my status on line is still 'Initial review'. A friend who had applied on same day as i and received his EAD card 2 days back and this is making me feel edgy.


Though my potential employer has been patient till date, they want me to start ASAP.


i read in many forums that you can expedite your application by calling them, is that true? when i called USCIS, they gave me a standard response that nothing can be done until normal processing time is complete.


is there anybody else in same boat who applied for EAD around first week of June?

is it possible that my name correction is causing the delay?


thanks a lot



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