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I have a question on how typically a 485 application processing is done in stages by uscis.

When my pd became current ( for eb2 india) in early 2012 we have applied and uscis has received our 485 application in early march 2012. then there was this retrogression that started in may 2012.

The application status has since been in "Acceptance" status. I am curious as when does it normally go through the other stages of Initial Review, decision etc?

Does it stay in acceptance status until the PD becomes current again?
our PD was current previously for about 2 months in 2012 and that did not seems to have made any difference.

TO me it appears that even if it were to become current in next bulletin, it may not stay in that position for long, and i am not sure if this will result in update in case status.

At what stage of the case, will it deem to be pre-adjudicated such that it gets approved/gc is issued when PD becomes current?

thanks in advance for your responses..


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 As dos informs uscis that there is an influx of numbers on the way, uscis can start looking at applications and makes sure everything is ok with x number of applications. If the x>exceeds the number that is going to be made available as a result of the influx, they will stop. This can be called pre-adjudication. Ultimately numbers will be used up only when the adjudicating officer issues visa.

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Thanks. Thats good to know what pre-adjudicated means. I've seen that term used in the forum quite a bit and couldnt relate to the perm case status.


on the 485 case status, when does it transition from "acceptance" -> "initial review" -> "decision"?  Only when PD is current?


I have read about some folks receiving rfe's priror to their pd becomgin current,  and i am assuming that means that their application must have been reviewed.


I am thinking it doesnt sound right that the application is in acceptance stage  and has not moved to initial review status.  But may be this is normal.


any inputs appreciated..

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