PD Current in Aug Bulletin and new Job offer


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Need some advise here...


I filed 485 through Company A in Dec 2011 and my PD will be be current as per Aug 2013 visa bulletin (EB2I). I recently signed a job offer with Client and about to start H1B Transfer/AC 21 process next week


I see below options for myself but need some advise


1. Wait to get GC in August 2013 (hopefully) and then join the Client


2. Proceed with H1 transfer /AC21 and join Client  ( I can do this only if there will not be any issue with my 485). Not sure if this will raise any RFE's etc


Appreciate your response





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You have to stick with your employer you were with when you got GC, atleast for 6 months when you get GC to show your intent to work for GC sponsoring employer. 

So may want to move to new employer on AC21 before getting GC, so you can keep working for them atleast 6 months. I would strongly suggest getting an attorney consultation when you are this close to GC approval.

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@Belle - My original intention was not to quit immediately (working with same employer for past 8 years)


Does moving to new employer before getting GC (by completing AC21) will raise any RFE's?


If that's the case, I prefer to stay with current employer than taking a risk

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