L1B Visa - job terminated


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Hi, I am currently on L1B and my wife on L2B visa. Both are working. My project has ended last week and my company couldn't search for a new project. They have asked me to travel back to India. But I have a medical emergency, my surgeon said not to fly until Aug 15th. My company is going to terminate me tomorrow, but it says you can stay until Aug 15th as I have a medical emergency. In this case, what questions will I face from Immigration? What are the risks? How should I overcome them. I am OK to travel on Aug 1st week iff required.


FYI, I have a letter from my surgeon stating that I cannot travel/ fly till Aug 15th.

My visa is valid till Dec 2013.


Kindly suggest ASAP. Request you to put it in simple English as I do not understand Law terms. Thanks for your understanding.

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You are out of status from the layoff on.

File a COS to B2. Form I-539.

And I hope you have insurance (or COBRA), because surgery is expensive.

Oh, and your spouse has to stop working as well when you are laid off, because her L2 is tied to the validity of your L1, and she also should file a COS to B2 to stay legal.

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