Birth certificate & N400 Issue - Any advice?


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The Issue:

My full name is 'NXXXXX MXXXXX'. This is how it is spelled in my passport and also in my green card. DL, SSN and all my official documents. However my birth certificatesays 'LXXXX NXXXXX'. This has never posed any problem while applying for my green card or any immigration visa. This middle was never used except in my shooling certificates.....

On July 8th i had my citizenship interview. The Immigration officer did the routine check of Civics History and English test and said i have passed and gave me the Approval form to be filled up and wait for my name to be called. After an hour or so he called me an mentioned that all my documents mentions first name as 'NXXXXX' and Birth certificate says 'LXXXX NXXXXX'. He wanted to see if i have any proof or documents to see if NXXXXX and LXXXX NXXXXX is the same.

Unfortunately i don't have any and he put the 'Decision cannot be made' in the form (oath ceremony)and said another FBI check needs to be made on 'LXXXX NXXXXX' name. I am worried at this point and not sure how things are going to turn out...Any one faced similar situation? I am thinking of taking an affidavit, incase if i get any question...but wondering is this going to be an issue?

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I had a similar issue. My name is Gottipatti Anjaneyulu in all my degree certificates, passport, drivers license, and green card. However, in my birth certificate its spelled out in a rather elaborate form, like most Telugu names, as Gottipatti Venkatanarayana Lakshminarasimha Chiranjeevi Anjaneyulu (G. V. L. C. A) (in deference to my grand parents wishes). My parents, especially my mother, realizing what a tongue twister of a name it might be, had the remarkable foresight to put down my name as Gottipatti Anjaneyulu (G.A) when I started going to elementary school in India (many years ago!). None of the other three middle names are even initialed in any of my other documents. The officer who conducted my citizenship interview, however,  stated that I must fill out my first name and last name, in the N-400 form, as its spelled out in my birth certificate. I told the officer that my name even in the Green Card is G.A and I would like my name to be G.A in my Certificate of Naturalization (and later on, my U.S. Passport). She told me that this is indeed possible. I'll have to petition a name change from G.V.L.C.A to G.A. She then filled out the form for petitioning a name change and asked me to sign my full name on the photograph that goes on the Certificate of Naturalization. However, by force of habit, I just signed as G.A on my photograph. Last week, I attended the Naturalization Ceremony. I got my Certificate of Naturalization where my name is indicated as G.A. Also attached was a form that stated that my name had been legally changed from G.V.L.C.A to G.A. So, in effect, I went from G.A -> G.V.L.C.A -> G.A. After the ceremony, I asked one of the officials what my "true signature" ought to be on the Certificate of Naturalization. I was told that I should sign _exactly_ as I had signed on my photograph. So, I simply signed G.A. I have already submitted my form for a U.S. Passport. I'll let you all know if there are any problems/questions. I hope this information is helpful. Its funny, but this interlude will help me remember this process for a long time :) 

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