Getting Priority date with I-140 SR #


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Company A applied my Labour during somewhere around mid of 2007 in EB3 category. I got the I-140 approval on 07/25/2008. Other than the I-140 Receipt no., I don't have any information. 


Company B wanted to file my Labour on EB2 category. 


My questions are 


1. Can i port the date with only information of I-140 Receipt no

2. Will it be an issue to port the date, since am moving from EB3 to EB2.

3. How to get my priority date(am not sure when they filed my Labour) with I-140 Receipt no




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Retention of priority date between EB-3 and successively filed EB-2 immigrant petitions is permitted. Generally it is likely that, if enough information is provided to USCIS to show I-140 approval and other pertinent facts, USCIS will be able to retain the priority date for a noncitizen previously the beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition.

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