H1B RFE: Client letter does not mention my employer name

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   I have a PhD in physics (with programing background) from an US university and currently on OPT (STEM extension). I am working for a fortune-500 client as a PL/SQL developer through a consultancy company and vendor (basically, Client --> vendor --> my consultancy). My consultancy applied for my H1B this year (got selected in the lottery). But we could not furnish the client letter with our original application. We only had the letter from the vendor stating about the project, client name and my employer etc. There is an RFE currently regarding the client letter.


   I was finally able to get the client letter where they mentioned the work-place, the vendor name (not my consultancy), project beginning date and open-ended end date (ongoing project) and a short descripton of my project.


   But my employer is now saying that they need the client to mention their name in the letter. Now I don't think the client is going to give me that because the client has no agreement with my consultancy (it's only with the vendor, who has the contract with my consultancy). So legally, they only know the vendor which they mentioned in the letter. More over the vendor letter clearly mentions client name, my employer's name, it's legal responsibilities and the details about the contract.


   In that context my question is: whether it is justified (or necessary) for my employer to ask for the client letter to have their name on? Is the client + vendor letter not sufficient?


   Will appreciate if anyone knowledgable can answer my question ASAP.



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