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Hi All,

            I need some advice to handle a situation.

            My H1B application is approved and will be effect from Oct 2013.

            My employer's concerned division has confirmed the same.

            I also have another confirmation as I have recieved the 797C for H4 approval for my dependents (wife and kid).

            The issue which I have is my employer is Not ready to share the Receipt# or petition# with me.

            In the past few weeks, another employer is ready to do H1 transfer and can start the process immediately.

            Can someone suggest what options do I have considering the above limitations?

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I am not sure how did you got the feeling that I want to change the employer because he is not sharing the reciept#.

I want to change the employer due to some other benefits and career opps. yes this is my first H1 and I am in US on L1 as on date.

I am looking for some options to do the H1 transfer considering the above limitations of not having the approval notice or reciept#.

Do we have any other way to transfer?

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