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Hi all,


Today at 9:30 am I had a visa appointment in vancouver for my H1b extension.

which is about to start from OCT 2013 till OCT 2016. I have recently got my H1 extension from USCIS on JUNE 25th 2013. I have also sent a mail to PIMS to update my status by attaching all my document's.


Question's asked by VO :


VO: Are you working for xyz company?



VO:How long with this employer?

ME: 42 month's


VO: Since when ?

ME: Jan2010


VO: Do you have a old petition this starts from OCT2013?

ME: Gave my old petition which starts from April 2010 till Sep 2013


VO: Where do you leave ?

ME: XYZ place


VO: Do you have a client?

ME: YES , I was about to say my client name she asked me for client letter.


I gave her the letter


VO:How far is your client from your place?

ME: around 45 mile's


VO: Show me your W-2's and Paystub's?

ME: I gave her all my W-2's from 2010 till 2012

        and same with pay stubs from 2010 jan till date


she had a look at the W-2's and she looked for some thing in the pay stub's. I dont know she started from top and went to middle and looked for some pay stub's


VO: So you came from san Francisco  ?

ME: Yes


VO: Flight's are they on schedule ?(their is a flight crash in the sfo on sat 07/06 )

ME: There was delay on that day and few flight's got canceled and they must be back on schedule by know.


she gave back all the document's she requested except client letter.


she folded my I797,DS-160 and client letter in the passport and placed a rubber band on top it.

I taught it's all done but. She wrote 221g/trmvp something like this I was clear with 221G but not clear what she wrote about (trmvp) part. kept it with her self


went inside and brought a white 221g and said "At this point of time I have no answer. we need some more time to process you can check you status this will take a week or 2. If you still dont hear from us email us at this email id in the forum" 


What I observed before going to 20th floor. I got my passport and 1797 and DS-160 floded in my passport by finger printing officer. She wrote a 'Please see CEAC' with red pen and my case number on top.


This my case Guy's


Good luck !!

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No worries. They will do client verification and will approved within 2 weeks. Alert u r client manger . That's it.

If u need accommodation

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@ben your right today morning my manager called me regarding a mail from vancouver consulate stating for validation on my position at the client place. He responded it.


Do you know how along will it take for them to make a decision from point of response from my manager? 


also can you send me the contact detail's of that person to (***************)@gmail.com thanks in advance Ben!!



@ponugupati My case was different I didn't see any 221g as I know.

But all I can say is if you have perfect documentation you should be fine. and VO are very polite and friendly so be confident what you say and


my friend yesterday he got stamped in counter 6 by a man with less than a minute.

same question asked like me..


just in case My counter is 4 !!


Good luck All & Ponugupati

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Hello Srikanth,


I had my interview on July 15th at counter 4 and she gave me 221G and kept I797, DS160, Client Letter and Passport. But I asked her my passport back as I need to go to India.


Anyway, what is your status now? have you got any response to collect your passport? If yes, how long did the process took for you?


I am asking this because I need to go to India in 2 weeks fro my wedding, If the process is taking more than 2 weeks then I will go back to India if not then I will stay in Vancouver for 2 weeks.


Please advice.



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Hello Srikanth,



My case is exact same as yours. I attended Visa interview today (july 15th). I observed that after finger prints my DS-160 was marked with 'please see CEAC'. 

My visa interview was done at counter 4 by a lady. She took my 797, DS, passport, paystubs, W2, client letter and didnt ask me any questions at all. After verifying my pay stubs for 10 minutes, she told me exactly the same " we need some more time to process your visa, I have no answer at this time"


Did you get response back from the consulate. I hope your visa is approved. Can you please let me know? Thank you...

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