H4 traveling while h1 processing


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I am on h4 and I applied for h1, my application got selected in lottery and it's in initial review, my h4 visa is valid till sep 2014. I am planning to travel to India in the month of sep 2013 and planning to return on nov 2013.My question is if I am travelling to India , will there be any problem.

1. Will it affect my H1 processing?

2. can I return on H4 visa to US while my H1 is in processing or H1 gets approved by the time I come back on November 2013?

3. Will there be COS required if I want to travel to India?

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When you travel to India and return you will generate a new I94 which will be different from the one that was generated when you filed H1B application. It is better to travel after your H1B petition gets approved and get H1B visa stamped in India and return to US. I do not know whether you could change into consular processing at this stage now

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