F1 stamping after COS from L1 to F1


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I would first like to thank all the participants and Murthy folks who responded to my queries during my COS from L1 to F1 last year. You were of great help during the stressful COS process. I got my COS approval and started my master's program in one of the reputed schools (UCs).


I am now planning to go to India for a vacation and get my F1 stamped. I would really appreciate any help regarding following questions.


1) How shall I start my application process for F1? Is it different from the students who apply to F1 in India for the first time (regular F1)?


2) What documentation do I need to carry for visa interview?


3) What can be the potential problems during visa interview? What are the chances of rejection?


4) I am currently interning at a reputed firm. Will that affect my chances of getting F1 stamped?


Thank you in anticipation!




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Hey Gururaj1984, 


Right now I have applied for COS from F2 to F1. My classes will start in another two weeks. I am little bit worried about COS. Can you please let me know How long it take for you for the COS process. WHat are my hopes that in a week COS will be done. I appreciate your reply.


Thank You

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