Please give ma an advise to apply Canada TRV


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Hello Dear Members,

I was with Employer A. I have recently changed to Employer B i.e. on Oct 1st 2012. Received RFE from USCIS. USCIS received response from my employer on May 3rd 2013. It will take 60 days (July 3rd 2013) to get the decision form USCIS. Employer A has not yet revoked my H1B petition.

Please answer below questions..

1. Since I have valide H1b with old employer, can I go ahead apply for Canada TRV with existing valid H1b (Employer A)?
2. Should I wait until I get the decision from USICS?
3. Should I provide RFE details while applying for Canada TRV?
Please add any other documents I need to submit to explain my current status to Candian empassy...

I am really confused now. Please post/add your valuable suggestions. Its highly appreciated.


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