H1b Stamping in Hyderabad


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My PD  for PERM was 01/18/2013 and the result  was an Audit.

My h1b expiry Date is 10/1/2013.


I  came to india on may 1st  to capture the time as i have never been outside US as per lawyers suggestion.


I need to go for H1b Stamping with  3 months left now, i dont know whether it will get stamped with few months left.

and  this is my first time  going for stamping.


what are my chances of getting approval.?

Can anyone let me know ?

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Ideally they won't deny visa for having less time (few months) left on I797.

I am also on same boat, need to go out to recapture 10 days. (to bridge PD with h1 max-out date). I am planning to go to india next week and go for stamping in 2 weeks.


BTW, you have 6 months left on h1 expiry (I797), why did you say its 3 months?


When are you planiing to go for stamping? or already stamped? what is your experience?

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