Successful H1 B Stamping Renewal @ Merida 2nd July (EVC)


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I’ve attended H1B interview ( 7th year on 140, previous Visa done in India 2006, ) at Merida Mexico on July 2nd , everything went smooth and Visa got approved , some delay in  passport  Delivery due to 4th July Holiday, Have to collect passport on Friday,  Stayed at Fiesta Americana , visited places around Merida .


Gave Finger prints on 1st July at ASC office Merida Downtown,


Consulate appointment on July 2nd  11.00 AM


After security screening, I got a token number and called at counter 4  first for DS 160 verification  and asked to wait for interview, I got my number at 11.40 @ counter 2, after exchanging pleasantries, I gave passport DS 160 , Original I 797, I129 petition , here below are the questions



  1. Is it H1 B Renewal ?
  1. Yes
  1. Whom do you work for?

A .  XXXX company (My Employer)

  1. What do you at XXXX company


  1. Who is your client

A . I am on EVC model, but never disclosed about Vendor

  1. How long have you been work for the client

A . 1 year 6 months

  1. Who’s is your previous client


  1. How long have you worked for previous client

A.   5 years

  1. What is yearly salary


  1. Asked for previous I 797 copies

A  Verified them and gave it back to me


It took only 10 mins and VO was  friendly,  VO said your Visa got approved and asked about my return flight and I requested to Pick up the passport same day ,VO gave me white slip , but due to huge  rush (4th July weekend ) they can’t process the visa’s in time waiting to collect my passport.



H1B Visa renewal is very easy here , go with confidence , But plan to prepare for un expected stays.


Fiesta America and Hyatt, Holiday INN are bit expensive,I stayed in FA, but later moved to Hotel IBIS on Calle 58thbehind US consulate Calle 60), which is 50 % cheaper and Hotel is good.




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Normally Merida consulate issue the Visa same day but be prepared to stay  3 business days, I attended the interview on Tuesday 07-02-2013 and I collected my passport on Friday 07-05-13 (Passport issue delayed Due to 4th July Holiday and staff vacations). I live in  Houston, United airways has a direct flight to Merida (2 hours) , there is DHL location near Hyatt Hotel AV Colon 501B Local 12, Centro, Merida,Yucatan 97000, All the best.



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Congrats Dharma and thanks for sharing. I have few questions, hope you can help me to get it clarified.


I’ve attended H1B interview ( 7th year on 140, previous Visa done in India 2006, ) 



Since you mentioned you did your previous visa in India, was that a H1-B visa or L1 visa? Is it possible to do the first H1-B stamping at Mexico?



A . I am on EVC model, but never disclosed about Vendor



BTW, what is EVC model?

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