Disorderly Conduct Case


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I got my US Green Card in 29th December, 2008. I had no criminal record in my life. This year in March/April, I had little problem with a girl in a departmental store. She called the police. At night 9PM, two policeman came to my house and after talking with me about 45 minutes, they gave me a city ticket. Here is the description:


Commit the offense of: Disorderly Conduct

Description: Make unsolicited sexual gesturs to an employee at XXXXXXX shop. He also asked the employee to come with himself the night.



I hired an attorney. He is handling this case. He said that I would probably not have to go to jail, but will have to pay some fines if proved guilty. The state attorney proposed to degrade it to 'loitering' instead of disorderly conduct and pay some fine. I did not agree and planned to fight in the court as I did not pledge guilty.


What is going to happen at the worst case, let's say, I am proved guilty and pay some fine, let;s say, $1500 or less ? Will I be elligible to apply for citizenship after 4 years and 9 months which is 29th September ? Can I also apply if the case is still pending and no decision is made ?


Please advise and put your thoughts. I would really appreciate your response.

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