F2A or Student Visa

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My background

  • Working in the IT field since 2001 after completing BE in Computer Science
  • Came to US in 2003 on H1, got green card in October 2011 EB2.

My situation:

  • Planning to getting married to an Indian citizen now
  • Engagement was in May, getting married later this year
  • Was planning to first get her on student visa
  • Now applying for Spring intake in Jan
  • Planning to get college admission and student visa done in Q4.
  • Thought process was to have Student visa before marriage so that she can be here in US

Looking for guidance

  1. What are the process that can be taken for GC after getting student visa to get her GC?
  1. Also now since F2A is going to be current is there any advantage in getting married in July itself?
  1. How long it might take for I130 to be approved?
  1. Is there any advantage if F2A remains current till November?

Thanks so much for the help!

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She has immigrant intent and would be lying to get a student visa - not a good way for her to start her life in the US lying to US immigration officials.  Get married and apply for her GC.  If you do not want to follow proper immigration procedures, either return to your home country or find a girl in the US who does not need to go through it.


As a future USC, you need to OBEY THE LAWS; you have published on a public forum that you do not intend to do so.

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