Cover letter for OPT application: JoeF or t75, please respond


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Hi All,


I am applying for Post-completion OPT next week as I have a full-time job offer from a legitimate company. They wanted me to start in September and so I am applying for OPT with a start date in September. Here is my case details:


Completed masters in 2008

Masters OPT (Masters level) from 2008-2009

H1b from the same university: 2009-2011

COS from H1b-F1 (PhD) in 2011 (started part-time PhD while on H1b)

Defending PhD in August and would like to apply for OPT (PhD level) from September.

-H1b applied by the same university where I complete Masters and now I am completing PhD from the same university.


I never stayed a day illegally in US and I never violated F1 rules. Can USCIS deny my OPT application assuming that I already took OPT in 2008? I just want to provide a clear information to USCIS. Do you suggest me to write a cover letter stating my case? Would that help? Also would you suggest me to include photocopies of my masters I-20 and previous OPT card?


I didn't use my STEM OPT previously. My DSO told me that I will be eligible for STEM OPT in the future. I would like to use this opportunity to get some experience in the company. My job is related to my field of study.  


Please provide me your comments.


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