First time h1b visa stamping in Canada


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Hi all,


I have been working for 3.5 years now on H1B. I got my 3-yr extension approved (never got h1b visa stamped before). I work with a semiconductor company and I have been a full-time employee.


Can I go to Canada (Vancouver) for my H1B stamping, are there any risks associated with this.

Also, I would need a Canada visiting visa to go to the US consulate in Vancouver, typically how many days would it take to get that visa approved ? Is it a mail-in and get your visa ?


Thank you!

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yes Canada Visitor visa needs to be applied online. you can search in google for canada temporary visit visa and fill the application online by uploading needed documents. If they like to provideyou visa they ask for your passport to send by mail. now a days its taking 45 to 60 days approximately for canada visitor visa 

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Can you please share some more information ?  Do you have H1B stamping when you come to USA or you transfered your status to H1B from some other visa status like L1 / F1 / H4 ?
When did you go to india last time or since How many years are you in USA ? 

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