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Part Time H1B

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I am currently on working with Company A - full time H1 B. I am looking for a H1 transfer, below are my questions :


1) Do I need to file for a full time H1 only or can I just file for one part time H1 ? Meaning I will only work part time with one company. If this is a possibility, then how many hours are considered as part time work per week ?


I know one can file different part time h1's with more than one company but I am not aware if one can just file for a part time with one company ? 


2) If I file a full time H1 transfer - the max hours one can work on this is 40 hrs per week. Are there any specified number of minimum hours on a full time H1 ?


Any help on this is appreciated ...

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Thanks a lot Priyal.. Are you on OPT or CPT along with part time H1 ?? or you are just on part time H1b ? 

OPT and CPT are part of the F1. A person can ONLY be in one status at a time, so it would be either F1 or H1. Both at the same time is not possible, by definition.

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Hi Priyal86, 


I have a question for you. Is the part time h1b your only visa right now? Someone told me that you need a full time h1b to stay in the country, so just checking since I want to apply for a part time h1b next year. Thank you!

No, you don't need a full-time H1. You of course need to make enough money to actually survive here...

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