H1B Visa Re-Interview


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I had my 1st Visa interview on Sep 10th, 2012. I have submitted client letter at that time. I was given 221(g) and said they need to do employment verification.


On Jun 10th, 2013, I got a call from Visa consulate (Hyd) and asked me where am I working currently and if I still have my previous job. I said I don't have job since I didn't get my visa. She has asked me if I have any other job or I wouldn't get visa since I don't have a job now. I told her that I had couple of interviews. She said If I can submit an agreement between the client and petitioner or client letter in couple of weeks. After I have submitted client letter I got a call from Visa office to appear for re-interview.


Please bring your valid passport or valid photo identity proof (Government issued – Passport, any ID proof e.g. Drivers License, PAN card, Electoral Identity card, etc.), print-out of this letter, while coming to the Consulate General.


What Kind of questions I will be facing during my re-interview? Please give me suggestions. I have my interview on Jul 1st, 2013.




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