H4 stamping H1 Renewal


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I have my current H1B till Nov 2013 and got married recently. My wife is currently in India and I have a few questions here with a potential for her going to F1 visa.


1) My wife is about to apply for her for first h4 visa based on my current h1 which expires in November 2013. Can I apply for an extension for her(after her first H4 approval) along with my H1b extension without her being in the US?


2) I heard that I can apply for H4 renewal myself after she comes to USA. Is this is practical option? Our company lawyers are charging a lot for this process.


3) As a best resort, I am planning on doing a Premium Processing(PP = $$) for my renewal and then my wife will have h4 for another 3.5 years while entering the US. She may be pursuing studies on h4 or f1(most likely option) depending on what works out for us better. PP is an expensive option as well. Do you have any recommendations for my situation?




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