Green Card Process for My Parents by a lawful permanent resident?

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i am lawful permanent resident. I want to bring my parents here permanently. I got nobody in India to take care of my parents.

When i was small, my parents took care of me. When i need them, they are their for me.

Now my parents need me. But i am not their for them. I feel very guilty and sad. I want to bring my parents in US. So i can take care of them.

How can i bring my parents permanently.

I know, i can bring them after i get citizenship, that is too long wait.

i just want to bring them now. So they can have good life with me. Anybody know, how can i bring them in US soon.

i saw some petition signed by many Indians for this request. Can somebody please go forward with this.

Current president will understand our request and help us. He is very nice and kind person. He loves family and his mother in law lives with his family. So he knows values of grand parents.

Indians live with family, that makes Indian family stronger and less divorce. And Indian kids are well taken care by grand parents. So they are well behaved and best kids.

We need this permission. Please work together and get this permission.

i read this in a website. Is this possible? I want to explore all possible steps.

Please help me.

God bless you.


Green Card Process for My Parents (Mother, Father)

An immigrant (also called a "lawful permanent resident" and Green Card holder) is a foreign national who has been granted the privilege of living and working permanently in the United States. Your parents (mother, father) must go through a multi-step process to obtain a Green Card and become an immigrant. First, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must approve an immigrant petition that you file for your parents. Second, the State Department must give your parents an immigrant visa number, even if they are already in the United States. Third, if your parents are already in the United States legally, they may apply to adjust to permanent resident status. If they are outside the United States, they will be notified to go to the local U.S. Consulate to complete the processing for an immigrant visa (Green Card).

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You are free to return to India. It was your choice to leave them.

If they are under the age of 67 - normal retirement age for many in the US - and have a college degree, they are free to look for H1B sponsors. If they have sufficient funds, they can look at investment visas. Then they can work for the required 10 years and qualify for retirement and Medicare benefits.

Since when is a 5 year wait for you to naturalize too long. Many people have waited for 20 or more years and have yet to get a chance to live or work in the US. Five years is a very short time in terms of US immigration.

And, there is discussion among USCs who are tired of people sponsoring parents and other relatives for GCs and them dumping them on SSI and Medicaid to abolish family sponsorship except for spouses and minor children in favor of only employment sponsored GCs. At least working new LPRs pay their own way.

You made your choice to move to the US knowing the laws. Quit whining and start studying for your naturalization test because if you cannot pass it, they can never come. And, get a good job so you can support them once they get here.

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