L1B blanket extension question


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Below is my case :


I got an international company transfer in 2009 ( L1B blanket stamped in 2009 Aug) and the VISA that was processed was L1B Blanket. My Visa expired in August 2012 and my I-94 only expires in October 2014. 


I have me GC in process with 1-140 Approved and waiting for priority date ( india) . Unfortunately i got very unlucky not getting onto the H1B lottery also this year which was filed in premium on day1. That means i am stuck for a move from L1B--> H1B until next year ( that too if i manage to be lucky under H1B lottery). As per current records from my attorney the i-94 max date i have is 2014 december ( with vacation days added if i manage to get an extension).


Me, Wife and Kid needs to travel to india in september 2013 ( in 2 months) for a family function and my employer is filing an L1B blanket extension. This means a complete new petition which may or maybe not get approved :(... with current rejections around blanket petition.



Below are my questions


* employer/Attorney said they cannot file an extension ( remotely from US)  and get approvals until the I-94 expires in the next 6 months ( which does not in my case). It would be safer if you apply for your L-1B extension directly at the U.S. Consulate in Chennai. Is this correct?


* So is this a typical new application which requires a new 2 day interview process in my preferred consulate ( which is Chennai)?


Appreciate your response. Thanks in advance. 
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