I 94 expired in Feb 2013, Visa valid till Sept 2014


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In my case, my I 94 got expired in Feb 2013, but my visa is valid till Sept 2014 and passport is valid till Nov 2015.

My wife and kid's I 94 is stamped till Sept 2014.


Now I need extended I 94 and need your help in doing so.


All the help is very much appreciated!!


Thanks a lot




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OP Still might have some time before the 3 year ban .  3 year ban triggers after  180 days of overstay.


Having said that,  it depends on OPs current status.  If OP is on H4  (or a dependent status),  he can probably go for nunc pro tunc to get the status extended.


If OP is on H1 (or L1)  it is a more difficult situation --- OP have been working without authorization.  


OP  consult an Attorney TODAY.

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