GC advice on US Master's vs current employment

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I would appreciate any advice regarding whether to start GC filing with my current employer or to join an MBA course (have an offer from a top 25 b-school). Following is my background:


Education: Engineering (4 years degree, Mechanical) - India, MBA (2 year full time) - India. Total work exp 9 years (4 years non-IT before MBA and 5 years IT post MBA)



1. To file GC with current employer who is ready to file GC but I am not sure about the category. I am assuming it be EB2.

2. To join a two year MBA course in US (already have an offer, university is top 25 in US) and then join a company and try for GC.


I need advise on following questions:

1. From my profile (education and expe), in case the job description permits, will I fall under EB2 category to file with my existing employer in US?

2. Will there be an advantage from GC processing timeline point of view if I join the MBA course post which my then employer files for GC under EB2. (also considering immigration reform bill).

3. Will an MBA in technology management be considered under STEM classification? If yes, will doing this MBA be better for GC?


Please ignore financial aspects while advising on above options.


Thanks in advance.

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