PERM filed 10 days short of 365 day point


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guys, need your inputs / help in my situation... PERM filed and waiting for response


my PERM filed on 25th Jan2013. my h1 max out date is 5th Feb 2014. this is short of 10 days to 365 day point. and I dont have any recapture time. so pls guide me if I need to travel India for 2-3 weeks to gain re-cap period (due to 10 days short of 365 point) soon after if PERM goes audit. (to get 1 yr extn based on pending perm) 




Pls suggest if it is NOT necessary to travel as h1 extn will filed in regular processing and close to max out time, by the time USCIS opens my h1 extn case it will be more than 365 days pending perm and I can get extn based on that

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